Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Im back

Assalamualaikum bloggers

1st of all,sory cz lma nda updte blogne..
been bz alotz..insya allah will try to updte all of my pets..&stories also..

love u all

Friday, March 11, 2011

Handphone for sale!!!PRICE DOWN!!

Blue LG Gd580 for sale $170.cmplete set gven(earpis,2charger,2gb mmc)wt warranty,bought it on 2/1/2011vry xclent condition!!Nda. Nysal mbli ne..no scratch at all!!!msg me at 7141973-jaz

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sleep tyt my beloved Rara..)'=

Sad sad new peeps...my bloved cat Wawa(Rara)died last night(2st October 2010)Still doesnt know wat cause it..he's paralysed from leg&cnt even moved its tounge anymore..i cal d vet to cme to my house&she said she cant gv any prcent..bt i pleaded her..she gv painkiller&antibiotic&she bring Rara to her vet..i ws soo dpressed!!
In the morning i rceived a msg from d'doc..she said Rara cudnt mke it,i ws heart broken..realy100x heart broken.my fmly realy sad bot dz news cz we're xpecting my cat to survive..
My doctr xplained the symtoms dat cud mke it paralysed.either Rara got hit really bad or snake venom.bcause he's realy healthy,his body tmprature s normal when his paralysed..
I miss Rara vry bdly)'= stil cnt stop crying til now..mz u Wawa..sleep tyt my love,we'll miss u..

Always Love u<3

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sory lma nda update..hehehe

First of all..u guys ingt mshkn my kitty Rara..well now ia bsar udh..lmpohh,mnja p ganaz..heheh..mkin cute cm tuan ny,opppzz...xp Enjoy viewing peeps

Sory for the

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hy peeps!sory lma nda updte blog ne..bz&lappy nda mngizinkn,hohoh..
Anywy,rmbr my Baby Rara?Super cute bby kitten..msane ia sakit,mlskn ceta..p I'm hoping for her rcovery..msa Ari Jumaat I bring her to Anicare at Gdg..tu gnya klinik yg buka awal,huhu..she was so sick,d'doc ckp only 5% wtihn 72hours..but BabyRara survive..mkin kuat mkn plg ia a,hohoh..

My baby guinea mkin noty&mkin bsar..kuat main..
My hammies duing fyn,gnya my long hair Syrian mkn ankny a..mrh saya eyyy,oso I bought 2adorable hammies fm HM..giant hammy,lmpuh ee..mbrikn mmirik,hohoh..

Anywy peeps!ur coming to Yysan on this 15th July?ada cute cat contest!!I'll b there,p mliat gnya.hehe..f Baby Rara shat I'll bring her,liat2 meow sna..
Nntiku uplod px k..luv ya

Friday, June 18, 2010


Peeps...1of my fav guinea pig sii baby stukin mati td pg..im nut sure y,dmlm ok sja..td pg ku kn bg mkn ku liat karaw ya...T_T huhuhu..she's my fav 1 sl ia unik,kkiny bwrna cm stukin sdih eh...shoot..!we'll gona mz u..isk,isk..T_T